Black Cat Blades Support

Black Cat Blades produces a complete range of Quality Wear Parts for all OEM brands of earthmoving equipment. Blades and End bits are fabricated using high alloy Boron steels and heat treated to exacting specifications to meet the demanding needs of large earthmoving applications. High Carbon alloy steel is used to manufacture many Road Maintenance Grader Blades and Snow Plow Blades where lower cost is required. Black Cat HighSpec Alloy steels and strict heat treatment tolerances are used to ensure all Cast Wear Parts are of the highest quality possible.

OEM Replacement or Custom Design Edges, Weld in Bucket Base Edges, Underground Loader Edges, Wide Range of Teeth and Adapters, Cast Half Arrow Edges and Segments, Bolt on Top Cover Plates, Corner and Side Bar Protectors, Half Arrow Edges with or without holes, Bolt on and Weld on Wear Plates

Half Arrow Segments
Base Edges
Loader Assembly
Half Arrow Segments
Sidebar Protection
Cutting Edges
Teeth & Adapters
Teeth & Adapters
Underground Edges
Bucket Protection

OEM Replacement or Custom Design Edges, Blade Supports, Level Cut, Hot Cupped or Cast End Bits, Ripper Shanks, Shank Protectors and Teeth.

Dozer Blades
Dozer Edges
Level Cut End Bits
End Bits - Level Cut

End Bits - Hot Cupped
Edmonton Head Office
End Bits - Cast
Edmonton Head Office
Shanks & Protectors

OEM Replacement or Custom Design Edges, Weld in Bucket Base Edges, Straight or Serrated Bolt-on Edges, Wide Range of Teeth and Adapters, Side Cutters and Strike off Plates, Weld in Corners, Wear Bars, Safety Steps

Edges and Corners
Base Edges
Edmonton Warehouse
Cutting Edges

Teeth & Adapters
Weld On Wear Bars
Sidecutters / Stike Offs
Weld On Safety Step
Bucket Protection

OEM Replacement or Custom Design Edges, Double Beveled Curved Edges, Double Bevel Flat Edges, Curved Double Carbide Edges, Moldboard Overlays and End Bits, Moldboard Liners, Blade Supports, Ripper Shanks and Teeth, Scarifier Bits and Boards.

Grader Blades
Cutting Edges
Carbide Inserted Grader Blades
Overlays & End Bits

Scarifier Bits & Boards
Grader Bits and Boards
Shanks & Teeth

OEM Scraper replacement or Custom Design Edges, Integrated Tooth Edges, Router Bits, Floor Guides, Blade and Router Supports, Push Bocks. Compactor Feet, Fabricated and Cast Cleaner Bars, Cleaner Bar Teeth and Adapters.

Compactor Feet
Compactor Feet
Cleaner Bars
Cleaner Bars & Teeth

Edges, Router Supports
Integrated Scraper Edgese
Integrated Tooth Edges
Scraper Accessories
Router Bits

OEM Replacement or Custom Design Edges, Heat Treated or High Carbon Steel, Tungsten Carbide inserted Edges, Carbide Impregnation, Plow Shoes, Curb Runners and Nose Pieces.  JOMA 6000 Flexible Carbide Inserted Edges, SnoShock Cushion Mounted Carbide blades.

Snow Plow Blades
Bladerunner Blades
SnowShock Blades
Snow Plow Edges
Plow Accessories
Carbide Inserted
SnoShock® Blades
Plow Accessories
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