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Quality Policy

Black Cat Blades is committed to:

  • Reducing non-conforming product
  • Improving company wide efficiency
  • Meeting or exceeding our customers reasonable expectations

Everyone at Black Cat Blades has the responsibility to understand and continually improve the Quality Management System.

Safety Policy

All employees of Black Cat Blades consider no phase of operation to be more important than a safe work place. We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment to protect employees from injury, occupational disease, property damage, or loss.

This commitment includes all people associated with Black Cat Blades. It applies to planning and training, defining procedures, specifying and providing equipment, and creating working conditions to promote safe, efficient operations and control of hazards.

Everyone involved with our organization has a duty to understand and work according to safe work procedures and practices to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of others. Everyone is required to be knowledgeable of applicable legislation and regulations, company policies and procedures, and to participate in all health and safety activities related to their work. Any deviation from this will not be tolerated.

These commitments and actions will assist in achieving our common goal of eliminating injury, occupational disease, damage, or loss.

Black Cat Blades Ltd.
Our Culture

Universal Values:

Our culture is driven by the rewards of honesty, integrity, trust and high achievement with respect for each other, our assets and our environment. These values will not be compromised for profit.

Understanding and acceptance may occur for individuals who deviate from these beliefs, provided that they realign themselves to the values of the company.

Our Quest:

To be the best that we can be, as individuals and as a company.

To be the supplier of choice by offering the best quality and the best customer service while striving for the lowest production costs.

To be an employer of choice by providing a safe, harmonious, stimulating, team driven, entrepreneurial workplace where people have an opportunity to grow.

To meet or exceed our customers' reasonable expectations.

To be a profitable, innovative, continually improving organization.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that fundamentally, everyone comes to work to do a good job.

We believe that equally well informed, rational individuals rarely disagree.

We believe in ownership of one's job. Therefore, we believe those affected by a decision should have informed input into that decision.

We believe it is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that people have the necessary resources at their disposal, to become well informed to make good decisions. It is the responsibility of leaders to be mentors by offering continuous feedback, recognition and realignment.

We believe the success of our business depends on win/win partnerships with our customers, our employees and our suppliers. Should a relationship become strained or need to be severed, our partners must be aware of the situation. It should not come as a surprise.

Black Cat Blades Profile

Black Cat Blades Ltd. began manufacturing cutting edges in Edmonton Alberta in 1968. In the following decade as machine size and horsepower increased, Black Cat invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to produce higher quality, harder, tougher “Through Hardened” edges. Many other manufacturers during that time were clinging to the older technology, making their carbon edges thicker to compensate for the lack of toughness. That dedication to being an industry leader fueled the company’s growth and continues today. Black Cat Blades now operates multiple production facilities in Canada and China and distributes their industry leading products worldwide.

In 2003 Black Cat began to develop an offering of complementary cast wear parts to offer a broader range of parts for their distributors. Investing heavily in research and development, design, and quality assurance, the company is determined to develop a “first-tier” product offering. The range of these parts grew quickly and now includes a large variety of bucket teeth and adapters, ripper teeth, bucket lip and sidebar protection items, bull dozer end bits, half arrow shaped blades and segments, and numerous other complimentary wear parts for a broad range of applications

The entire team at Black Cat Blades Ltd. is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of their customers by providing superior quality, service and product support. The first paragraph of the company’s culture statement defines the commitment: “Our culture is driven by the rewards of honesty, integrity, trust and high achievement with respect for each other, our assets and our environment. These values will not be compromised for profit.”

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the location of the corporate head office as well as a 36,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a 24,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility. The Edmonton manufacturing facility is mainly responsible for processing heavy construction blades for bull dozers, loaders, excavators and scrapers. The wide variety of parts and lower run quantities of these parts dictates a flexible manufacturing system that is able to process order quantities from 1 to 10 efficiently. Larger run quantities, although less frequent, are also easily processed.

Selkirk, Manitoba

Two additional production facilities are located in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. The largest facility is 29,000 square feet and is located on Railway Street adjacent to the Gerdau Ameristeel steel mill. The original 12,000 square foot Selkirk plant is located four kilometers away on Main Street. These two plants concentrate on higher volume construction machinery cutting edges including grader blades, snow plow blades and carbide insert blades.

Su Zhou, China

In 2008 Black Cat opened its newest production facility, a wholly owned enterprise with approximately 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in Su Zhou, Jin Jia Ba, China. The leased facility is owned by, and adjacent to, the steel mill that produces the feed steel used in production. Two hours by truck to the Shanghai Port, the China facility offers a competitive source of grader blades and other cutting edges as well as an inspection and packaging capability for castings. The ability to consolidate these product lines provides Black Cat distributors with a much broader range of products from a single source with a significant freight advantage to many destinations.

DeWitt, IA

DeWitt, Iowa, USA is the location of the newest Black Cat operations, a 59,000 square foot building located on 4 acres of land in the DeWitt Industrial park. Opened in November 2012, this facility is initially focused on warehousing and distribution of products destined for existing customers in the Midwest. In years two and three the plan is to add manufacturing capability to increase the company's production capacity for blade products in North America. Having a facility within a few hundred miles of a dozen major customers will allow Black Cat to provide service levels, manufacturing options and logistical advantages for several key partners.